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We are building the Allay Community as a home for collective wisdom and support on your journey of healing. Get the relief and encouragement you deserve, share support, and make connections. Join live group sessions hosted by clinical experts, support groups, find curated educational resources, and attend offline bonding events.

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Our community guidelines

The Allay community is created for IBD and IBS chronic illness warriors with an emphasis on learning, sharing, support, and bonding. This is a safe space to connect with other local people who “really” get it, tune in to live group sessions / Q&A with medical experts, join regular offline bonding events, and receive educational resources for wherever you’re at on your journey. All are welcome!

Be respectful

Adhere to the same standards of behavior here that you follow in real life. Above all, we’re kind and respectful. The internet can be a tough place — but this isn’t one of those spaces. Don’t post or comment on anything that could be construed as unkind, trolling, or bullying. This space is one that builds upon each member’s knowledge and input. Any behavior that does not serve the members of our community will be firmly addressed.

Be open-minded

We prioritize inclusivity. The journey of being a chronic illness warrior looks different for everyone and we’re here for it all! We do not make assumptions, nor do we tolerate any kind of hatred including being offensive, racist, xenophobic, sexist or homophobic.

Avoid judgement

We listen and learn. This is a safe space where we support one another through challenging and sensitive lived experiences and celebrate others’ wins. Though we may disagree at times, we actively listen without judgement or inserting personal agendas. We are here to learn — and we do so by hearing and seeing new perspectives through a lens of empathy and compassion.

Avoid solicitation

We are in it for information, not solicitations. Anything that could be construed as “spammy” or “promotional” will be removed. We’re in this conversation for insights, not ads. If you have a resource or link to share, please run it by the moderation team. We value the privacy and intentionality of our community members, and believe solicitations undermine the quality of discussion.


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