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Reclaim your health through expert-led, evidence-based, nutrition-focused programs tailored to your needs and goals.

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Gut care on your terms

We combine personalized care plan, evidence-based nutritional support, continuous guidance and accountability into a modern membership experience for IBD (Crohn's and ulcerative colitis) and IBS patients

Rooted in science, built for you



Not just trained but experienced. Our care team specializes in gut conditions, including IBD and IBS, and has helped countless individuals like you achieve health.



Science-based nutrition care goes beyond following strict diets. Our research-backed programs focus on nutritional interventions and behavioral changes that induce deep gut healing.



One size fits NONE. We uncover the root cause of your condition and create a care plan with support and accountability perfect for your needs and goals.


Ongoing Support

You are never alone on the journey of healing. Guidance and support is readily available whether through our care team or other individuals like you.

Meeting you where you are

We know everyone is unique. Your current nutrition and lifestyle are templates where we introduce evidence-based, personalized changes to achieve lasting impact. We designed our program to help you succeed with you at the center. Want to know what your care plan would look like? Schedule a free 20min discovery call with our nutritionist.

Hear from our members


Jane, California

I felt like a lot of the traditional approaches don’t seem to care about me as a person. I was on the receiving end of many nutrition-focused instructions that are impossible to follow or stay on. Fortunately, this is all very personalized and fitting for my needs.


Caroline, Washington

Working through the protocols and already feeling better. Before I thought nutrition for IBD is about strictly following SCD or a Meditterranean diet. It is so much more. I’m excited to recommend this to anyone!.


Cedric, Texas

I’m glad that the program is fully online. The always available support from a specizlied nutritionist is tremendously helpful. It makes my life so much easier as I start changing my nutrition and lifestyle.


Work with us on building the future of gut health

As we develop Allay Health, we are looking for members who are willing to provide feedback on our experience and program, making sure more people have accesse to the health they deserve. Let’s build the future of gut health!


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